Idea Field is a technology company collecting and processing data through its evolving "AI-backed" software technology and aiming to increase efficiency in different application industries.

The company was established in 2017 in Amsterdam along with a subsidiary office in İstanbul as of 2018 with sales & development functions.

Since then, Idea Field has commercialized its retail solution “BonRetail” and invested in product pipeline building on the same underlying technology.

With BonRetail solution, Idea Field provides unique insights about visitor profile indoors & outdoors through proprietary hardware and AI-based algorithm.

BonRetail supports retailers to count visitors accurately, get detailed info on demographics, mood and experience of visitors.

Idea Field integrates with the largest number of physical and digital data sources. Our technology empowers the digital revolution with AI-based augmented analytics solutions and in-house designed hardware makes the installation and activation a quick and easy, plug-and-play experience. Idea Field products are easy to use and cost-efficient.

Our artificial intelligence based solutions are continuously aimed at helping companies to develop and initiate much better strategic decisions. These amended decisions are utterly based on tailor made solutions and will move your company to a next level by solely moving to a digital transformation which is much needed nowadays in almost all enterprises.

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